Given little choice, and with everything on the line, the imperiled can go to great lengths just to continue drawing breath.

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Okay so you know Doug’s a schizophrenic. However, you might not know that while their meds do work, they A. might work on some things and not for others B. might lose effectiveness over time. It’s a common problem for schizophrenics.
What if the turrets shooting him was a hallucination? He would still get to put Chell’s pod online, believing himself to be shot and in terrible pain (the mind can lie), then drag himself to a pod and go to sleep. No dying, no actual wound. Just a horrible hallucination. Schizophrenics, especially those who aren’t on medication, hallucinate being injured. It would make sense. That whole part fits in with the whole theme of the comic.

I can’t believe I never thought of this before. It’s mind blowing!

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